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The Roberto Coin brand was born in 1996. Its founder, with whom it shares its name, driven by the innate love for the world of art and fashion, decided to leave his successful career as a hotel manager to follow a dream and face a new and passionate adventure. His creativity took shape through the hands of the historical and most renowned Italian jewelry artisans, who brought Roberto Coin’s romantic and borderless imagination to life through their skills, telling his story through jewels that truly become works of art.

The company is committed to guaranteeing transparency in all matters regarding the raw materials used and production process. It follows international treaties aiming to ensure that the origins of materials are exclusively conflict-free, respecting the fundamental principles of social and environmental ethics.

Following an old lesson from his youth, Roberto Coin always dedicates himself personally to sustaining and promoting charitable organizations, aiming to achieve a precious future that he himself narrates through his creations.

Navarra, Roberto Coin Rings
Heart Medallions, Yellow Gold, Roberto Coin


Mother of Pearl and Rose Gold Necklace, Roberto Coin, Princess Flower

Princess Flower

18k Rose Gold Flower Pendant with Mother of Pearl & Diamonds

Medallion Charm Necklace, Yellow Gold, Roberto Coin

Venetian Princess

18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Double Medallion Link Chain

Paper Clip Chain, Roberto Coin, Yellow Gold

Link Chains

18k Yellow Gold Triple Paperclip Chain

Medallion Charm, Yellow Gold, Paperclip, Roberto Coin

Medallion Charms

18k Yellow Gold Venetian Princess Medallion with Paperclip Chain


Rose Gold, Roberto Coin

Venetian Princess

18k Rose Gold & Black Jade Wide Bangle

Roberto Coin, Yellow Gold


18k Yellow Gold Wide Bangle with Diamonds

Rose Gold Bangle, Diamonds, Roberto Coin

Venetian Princess

18k Rose Gold & Black Jade Satin Bangle

Navarra, Yellow Gold Bangle, Roberto Coin


18k Yellow Gold Slim Bangle


Venetian Princess, Roberto Coin, Rose Gold

Venetian Princess

18k Rose Gold Lapis & Diamond Large Flower

Navarra, Yellow Gold Ring, Roberto Coin


18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Hard Chain Link

Rose Gold, Lapis Ring, Roberto Coin

Venetian Princess

18k Rose Gold Small Diamond & Lapis Flower

Fine Jewelry, Jewelry, Roberto Coin, Tirisi Moda, Leo Pizzo, Chimento, Rembrandt Charms, Benchmark, Sylvie, Ponte Vecchio, Mont Blanc, Wolf 1834

Princess Flower

 18k Yellow Gold Ring & Diamond Double Flower