Tirisi Jewelry, born on the catwalk and worn in the city. With an amazing eye for detail, this young brand is designed and developed by a Dutch couple. Natascha and Julian are living in the center of exciting and vibrant Amsterdam, in the heart of Europe. This handsome fashion forward duo enjoys the freedom of modern Amsterdam coupled with the old city. We are constantly inspired by our marvelous city and our inspiration for many of our iconic and truly fabulous designs was born on the streets. Natascha and Julian ooze charisma and are part of the red carpet invites. But there is little time for parties as fashion fever never stops and time is fashions biggest enemy. So not too many parties for the two, preferably working in their Amsterdam design studio dreaming up tomorrow’s next fine jewelry pieces. The Tirisi Jewelry brand is only 6 years old, but in the short history the brand has gained international recognition and is globally available. Tirisi can be found at the world’s many top jewelry houses competing with all the top selling popular brands that are on the most wanted list nowadays.

18k Yellow Gold Purse Charm

Bohemian Charm 18K Yellow Gold with Diamond

18k Yellow Gold Charm Key Heart

18k Rose Gold Open Work Disc Charm

18k Yellow Gold Tear Drop Earrings

18k Rose Gold Open Work Disc Earrings

Hematiet/Crystal Drop Earrings

 Pink Crystal Mother of Pearl Earrings